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Hi, my name is Darren Ellis, and I’m a photographer focused on urban and rural scapes.

My story
A Quick Story

My relationship with photography began with my father, who has spent a lifetime capturing the world around him. I recall many moments of him hunched over some detail or asking strangers for their portrait. It was embarrassing then, but I found myself doing the same thing years later. I had caught the bug.


Today, my style and drive to shoot are influenced by those times, just as my subjects of choice are influenced by my youth in Arizona. I spent a lot of my time outdoors observing the natural world, playing on the hot suburban asphalt, and riding my skateboard over concrete paths and alleys of endless strip malls. Those moments and scenes continue to reverberate and appear in my work.

Over the years, my gear has ranged from toy film cameras to early digital compacts, a DSLR, the iPhone, and the mirrorless systems I use today. What I gained from my self-lessons and the mostly fixed-lens path is a focus on spontaneity, creative approach, and composition.

Backwards Drifting Photographer Darren Ellis

Yeah, yeah, this is out of focus. I didn't take it :)

Where my work has been shared
Where my work has been shared

Narrative Photography      

Downtown Arts Collective

Orlando, FL  
SEPT 20th - OCT 31st - 2018

Photo Shoot: 2018

Black Box Gallery

Portland, OR  
SEPT 1 - 20th - 2018

Third-Shifters: Art That Comes Alive At Night

The Martin

Chicago, IL  
SEPT 21 - 23rd - 2018

Lomo LC-A - The Greatest Camera of All Time

Published by Lomographic Society (2008)

ISBN 10: 3902217162

ISBN 13: 9783902217165

Holga Lomography - The World Through A Plastic Lens

Published by Lomographic Society (2006)

ISBN-10: 3902217065

ISBN-13: 978-3902217066

X013: Stake Out

JAN 2020

Mystery Tribune

APR 2019

Pellicola Magazine

OCT 2018

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