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Frequently asked questions


How long should I allow for shipping?

I generally print and ship within 1-2 business days after I receive an order. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery of art work.

Do your prints fit common frame sizes?

Yes. Below, is a table containing the paper and print sizes I sell here. I've included some common mat and frame sizes for reference.

What paper do you use for your prints?

My day time photos are printed on high-quality MOAB Entrada Rag paper (300 gsm / 100% cotton) using long-lasting Canon UltraChrome inks. My night time photos are printed on high-quality MOAB Juniper Baryta paper (305 gsm / 100% cotton) using long-lasting Canon UltraChrome inks.

What printer do you use for your printing?

I use a Canon Pixma Pro-100.

Do you deliver prints?

No. ;)

Can you just give me a print or sell for way less?

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work. I do appreciate your consideration and interest in my work; however, the answer to this question is 'NO'. I’m selling prints to help pay for supplies and to help me keep evolving and improving what I can offer. A lot goes into what I’m doing, and a lot my time has been spent learning to take better photos and building out an experience to sell them. When paying someone for their services or product, you’re paying for their knowledge and experience.

What do your prints looks like? Do they have margins?

Yes, each print has margins. Below, I've included some sample images that illustrate how the print will look at each size. The margins are intended to fit common mat opening sizes. I sign, title, date, and place edition information (if applicable) on the back of the print. 8x10 11x14 12x18


What program do you use to edit your photos?

I use a combination of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

How often do you typically shoot?

It really depends on how busy I am and how much I capture each time I go out. It ranges from once a week to a couple of times per month. For night photography I go out more frequently. Day time photography I usually do outside of Seattle, so it requires extra driving or tacking onto a trip. I find myself more inspired to shoot day scenes in areas that are less familiar to me. I think that's the advantage of night work over day work. At night I can be in an area that I generally know, but the shadows and darkness transform things to be unfamiliar.

How long do you typically shoot for when you're out?

This depends on how I'm feeling, the area I'm going to, if I'm on foot or in my car, which camera I'm carrying (it can be heavy), etc. In general, I shoot for 1-4 hours. There is a point where staying out too long doesn't yield great results due to fatigue and my creative eye waning.

Are you ever worried about taking photos of homes at night?

Of course. There is always risk with shooting anything. You never know how someone may react to a camera (especially 12-3AM), so I exercise a lot of caution. That means scouting an area before getting the camera out, not being loud, staying off property, avoiding people in my photos, and always being aware of my surroundings. If anyone has an issue with what I'm doing I smile and explain what I'm up to. Depending on the person I'll even try to share the types of photos I take.