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Beneath the cover

After creating my last photobook, I started thinking about a smaller format book for a set of my night images. I returned to Saal Digital and built a 7.6" square photobook to see if I would like a smaller size. After uploading and placing my order, it arrived at my doorstep about a week later. Once again, I was wowed. Seriously. The book just looks amazing. The color of the prints against the black pages capture and amplify the brilliance of the scenes; almost as if I'm seeing them for the first time. The matte cover also has something to it. Velvety dark; it connects with my fingers and feels like I’m holding a piece of the darkness in my hands. When I put the book down I can see that connection remain on the cover for a moment before slowly fading like a shadow in lifting light.

Well, I was so happy with this book that I ordered more. Rather than talk about the process to make it I'm sharing photos, below. If you're interested in a copy please visit my store.


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