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New Prints & Bundles

Hi everyone. I hope those that have been celebrating the holiday had a nice time and were able to relax a bit with friends, family, or just by yourself. I spent time with my son and girlfriend and her family for the holiday, and then did some major Netflix binging. On Sunday, I was feeling the sluggishness from all the binging when I took part in a kids (11-13yo) versus adults (40+) soccer match in preparation for my son's tournament this week. My legs are wasted...Okay, so on to what I wanted to share.

In the past week, I've added some new prints to my store. If you haven't looked around before or for a bit, please check again. I've introduced a few print bundles of my favorite image groupings. These are images that I think go well together and would look great framed side-by-side. There are also savings that come from buying a bundle! If there's a bundle you're interested in and don't see it in my store, please let me know through the contact form, a comment on this post, or through a DM over at my Instagram account. Also, if you aren't already a subscriber to my site, please sign up as I will send exclusive deals to that list. I will also give subscribers earlier access to future updates and discounts.

Lastly, I'm including some shots of my prints in hand to share how they look in person. See the captions on the image for further details. My hope is this gives you an idea of the size and the quality of the prints. They do look great!

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