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Dark Dirty Noise

On occasion, I'll leave the tripod behind and shoot handheld with my A7iii due to image stabilization and a quick 1.4/35mm attached to it. Tonight, I had a quick errand to run and decided to bring it because it had been raining earlier and it was blue hour. I figured the sky might have a cool warmth on the edges and the streets would be nice and reflective. Plus, Christmas lights!

I ended up stopping in a neighborhood and walking around for about 15 minutes to capture some of the dramatic lighting. As you’ll see below, the photos are quite noisy, but that’s okay. I knew that would be the outcome. I was shooting 3200 - 6400 ISO at F2 to F4 with a shutter speed of 125 on my 35mm. The results are dark and dirty. ;)

I likely won’t post these to my IG account but wanted to share them some place. Why not the blog?


Love these

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