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February? Already?

It’s been too long since my last post here. Not a great start to the new year, as my expectations are to post here at least twice a month. It's not the only place I've slacked on. I also fell off the gym routine a bit and the body fat calipers are going to be reminding me how much I’ve been slacking a little later, today.

Alright. I’ve found a place to sit and have my hot tea and I’ve put on this recent music fav. Give it a listen and let’s catch up.

In the past 3-4 weeks I’ve turned my attention to a few other things so shooting has taken a back seat. I’m not ignoring photography. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. One of the projects I’m actively working on is very much related and something I’m very excited about. I’m not ready to reveal what I’m up to yet; however, I will say it’s revisiting some of my past skills, other interests, and eventually other artists. It will be a blend of things that I love coming together. I look forward to sharing more on that soon.

I recently had the pleasure to catch up with a couple of people I’ve met through Instagram. Michael Schulz (@mschulzphoto) and I had a mega 4 HOUR breakfast and tea meet up. Neither of us could believe it when we realized it had been that long of a chat. When conversation is good time does fly! We covered photography and the creative process surrounding it extensively, but what I like is that we don’t talk about gear. That’s okay in small doses but I’m more interested in the other aspects of photography. Michael is great at providing encouragement to submit work and I admire his project-focused approach and passion for trying to build a community in the Seattle area. Click through the link above to check out his work.

The other person I’ve been chatting with is Corbin Cary (@corbincary). Corbin runs SVNSET WAVES (@svnsetwaves) out of Austin, Texas and has been puts out a lot of great music. We share similar thoughts on the importance of music and visuals and the role they play together with memory, so we’re likely to be working towards something together. More later. Give his account and his label a listen. You can find the music on Spotify here.

One thing that’s been consuming a lot of my time is self-reflection and exercises to guide me through that. I’m at a point in life where I really want to make a positive change. There’s simply too much bad shit in the world and I need to contribute in ways that counteract it. I’ve been taking a design approach to my life and stepping back to look at my journey professionally and personally. It’s hard word and slowly yields clarity. I can see a few steps ahead and know the impact I want to have, but the next few weeks and months will see the sign posts become clearer. I’m looking forward to that.

Piling onto the resolution to do something better, I’ve also been trying to spend A LOT less time staring at my tiny screen; especially with IG loaded on it. I’m hoping 2020 is the year another photographic platform arises. Michael and I actually talked about this a bit. Flickr is a great platform, but my experience has been disappointing due a mostly inactive community. Perhaps if I focused there more I would hear more. Unfortunately that means shifting time and attention from one place to another. I will say that IG is growing more and more disappointing, though. I think I’ll share a post on my experience with testing promotions in an upcoming post? Let me know if that would be interesting.

Lastly, I recently had a birthday. I won’t say which day or how old because I don’t really think it matters. With that said, my girlfriend treated me to a nice weekend in Manzanita, Oregon, last weekend. I was going to discuss that in this post but I’m going to separate the two because I want to include some photos from the trip.

I hope your 2020 is going well!


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