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Swift Water

Today, I'm sharing out a new collection of images from a recent trip out to Central Washington; specifically Cle Elum. I've been fascinated with this small city for a while because of its tiny size, small population and strange name. A little Googling has taught me it was originally named Clealum. This was a Kittitas name (Tle-el-Lum) meaning "swift water", referring to the Cle Elum River. I don't know about the speed of the river because I didn't take a look, but the world felt quite the opposite of swift when I was capturing these scenes. It was still and rather quiet. A few street lights punched through the thick darkness, while low clouds provided brilliant backlighting to dramatically lit foregrounds.

In the next week, I'll likely return for a visit to shoot some additional scenes I didn't get to capture while there. I'll extend this series to include those once I do and will call out the change here and on Instagram.

A few 12x18's I printed from the series. They look great on paper and several are now in my store.


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