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Swift Water Vol. 2

I'm back with volume 2 of the Swift Water series. This time with the day shots.

As I mentioned in post for the launch of the series, I've been fascinated with Cle Elum for a while because of its tiny size and strange name. After some quick research, I learned it was originally called Clealum, which was a Kittitas name (Tle-el-Lum) meaning "swift water". This name refers back to the Cle Elum River that runs just east of the city. Interestingly it merges with the Yakima River that actually runs near Cle Elum.

I'll soon be releasing a special project involving these shots, but will add certain shots from volume 2 to my store after each post I make to Instagram. Follow along there and if there's something you're interested in, please let me know via the contact form on this site or DM me on Instagram.

Since I sometimes get asked occasionally, all photos in volume 1 and 2 where captured using my Sony A7iii using a 35mm/1.4 Zeiss.


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