A Journey That Leads To The Sun

A Journey That Leads To The Sun

Curiosity, feeling, and electrified beacons guide the way to these intersections of development, decay, sky, and earth. From the moment a liminal space is encountered, to the shifting night colors and growing condition of fatigue, this book is a glimpse of a journey. One that leads to light.


This is a limited, 2nd edition series of 5 copies. Each book is signed and numbered. The images in this book have been reprocessed to take on new textures and to soften the scenes while retaining the essence of the original photo. See the samples on this page.


Paper specifications

  • Physical size: 7.6"x7.6" (closed)
  • Number of pages: 26
  • Cover: Matte / Unpadded
  • Paper: Matte photo paper (Has a soft luster)

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