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"You in the Next Life"

Artwork for the "You in the Next Life" EP
Artwork for the "You in the Next Life" EP

With the recent launch of my site, I'm excited to be sharing the music of Chemtrails, whose work I've been floating through over and over. The artist behind Chemtrails is Caleb Trice who resides in Atlanta, GA.

Caleb initially reached out to ask about using one of my photos for an upcoming EP. In response, I asked if I could hear his music. From the moment I put it on I found his sonic landscapes to be quite similar in feeling to the photos I shoot, and when I read his bio over at the Rural Sounds label it all made sense.

His music will induce feelings of nostalgia, longing, reflection, through colorful instrumentation & texture.

I couldn't agree more! So with his permission, I embedded a couple of the upcoming tracks into the Afterglow and Other Side series.

I thought Breathing Into was a great match for the Other Side gallery because of the day time sounds that wouldn’t be present in these scenes at night. I'm left wandering back to different times while motionless in the present.⁣ For After Glow, Bath Water captures the warmth encompassed by the cold and stillness. Go see and hear for yourself, though. I encourage you to put on some headphones, look at the galleries on a larger screen and slow down the scrolling to absorb a bit more. ~~(|-_-|)~~

"You in the next life" launched November 29th on Rural Sounds! Check out more of Chemtrails and Rural Sounds at the links, below.


Rural Sounds

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